Democratic societies around the world depend on brave people who don't hesitate to put their careers, freedom or lives on the line to blow the whistle when they see something illegal. It's not an easy role to be in. You'll be called a snitch. If no one listens, in certain cases, you'll see your career crumble before your eyes. The most frustrating case must be when someone does hear - and then makes a point of not listening and prosecutes you.

This is what is happening to Junichi and Toru in Japan. The evidence they brought forward regarding a whale meat embezzlement scandal is being ignored, while they are prosecuted for theft - an attempt at covering up the actual scandal.

A lower court refused to look at the evidence. This is now brought to the Supreme Court of Japan. Write to the judge, and ask them to open their eyes to the real scandal - take your turn at being a whistle blower.