Well how about that. Austin, Texas had a brand new Apple Store open up today just as some members of Team Green My Apple hit town to (hopefully) collect the SXSW Web Award for the Green my Apple website. I reckoned I should drop by and make friendly.


I helped out with the Grand Opening by making sure this image from the Green my Apple website was on a few of the machines.

For our Hug Your Mac campaign, you're supposed to download the campaign wallpaper onto your mac and take a picture. But looky: this mac wanted to join the campaign so bad that it was already displaying the campaign message when I walked up to it:



That Apple staff member's t-shirt says "Time to buy a Mac." That screensaver on the computer to the left behind him says different. Because nobody wants to buy something that´s going to end up poisoning kids in China and India when it get "recycled."



Come ON Steve, hurry up and Green those Apples so I can actually BUY something, please!