submit their designs, made a selection, and then put the final contestents out to a vote at our discussion forum, Louder than Words.

It was a tough decision. As with our competition to name the ship "Esperanza," we were spoiled for choice -- our online activists are a creative bunch. (If you want to join this fun-loving bunch of ship-naming, flag-designing, campaign-winning, future-greening folks, sign up here.)

Congratulations to Danielle Brandt of Denmark for submitting the winning design! Danielle won a goody bag of Greenpeace gear and the 5 minutes of fame that being featured here on Making Waves, the Greenpeace blog, brings. But she describes the best reward as knowing that a piece of her work will be there on board the ships as they expose environmental crimes, confront the criminals, and drive the solutions we need for a green and peaceful world.

We asked Danielle to tell us a little bit about how she got with the flag design competition, and this is what she wrote:

My involvement in Greenpeace started in Auckland, New Zealand, on the 6th February 1996. I remember the exact date because it was Whatangi Day and Bob Marley's birthday, so there was celebrations going on in the Domain (a big park in Auckland). There I saw Stephanie Mills collecting signatures - a friend told me who she was and that she was working for Greenpeace. I went up to her and we started talking. I had just moved to New Zealand and was keen to help out, so a few days later I showed up at the Greenpeace office and was put into work straight away

That was the beginning of a commitment that would lead me onto a road that would be way longer than I ever thought and leading me places I would never have guessed.

I did all kind of practical things around the office in Auckland - painted banners, went around with petitions, worked on Campaigns and did all kinds of practical help around the office. I loved being able to help - I have always had the greatest respect for people who actually made a difference in this world.

Later on I moved to another town - and I was very sad to leave Greenpeace. But shortly after leaving Auckland the Greenpeace office called me and told me that one of the Greenpeace ships came to the town where I stayed. Exiting stuff I thought and I went down to the harbour to se if I could help with anything, ending up sailing on the Artic Sunrise as a volunteer doing my first big crossing over the Pacific - New Zealand to Canada. I loved every bit of it - especially when I got over my seasickness... ;-)

I participated in the action in Canada - to stop clear-cutting the spirit bears land. It was fantastic to be able to be part of it. Later on I went to around Australia on the Greenpeace solar tour 1998, spreading the word that solar power works. From there I have been involved in various Greenpeace actions and adventures around the world..... from New Zealand and Australia to Scandinavia. I have had many fantastic experiences and met some really extraordinary people on the way and have been involved more or less with Greenpeace ever since.

I have however the last 4 years spend most of my spare time establishing BOS Denmark together with some other enthusiasts. BOS is an organisation that works for saving the orang-utans in Borneo and by that saving some of the rainforest and all other living creatures there.

I am currently living back in Denmark where I work as a graphic designer. That has been my professional profession for the past 15 years beside my involvement with various organisations that works for making this world a better place.

I love that I won the flag competition!! It might seems silly... but just the thought, that a bit of me is with Greenpeace when Greenpeace is out there "Waking up the world" just make me warm inside - and proud! So a big Thank You for choosing me!

Love and respect

Danielle, (33 years)