Can an oil company really get away with saying something as ridiculous as, "Heating with oil: for more climate protection"? No you can't. Not today anyway. Today we won a ruling against the Swiss Oil Association.

We pointed out the (fairly obvious) fact that oil is a fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. The Swiss advertising industry’s board for integrity agreed with us and asked the company to stop using the slogan and other similar claims. [Full copy of the decision is here (MS Word doc).]

Swiss Oil isn't the first, and I'm sure won't be the last company to try and buff its image using less than true eco-claimes. Earlier this year, we won a case against Dutch energy company NUON's use of the phrase, "clean coal". And last month the EU Parliament ruled that car advertisements must include information about carbon dioxide emissions.

This kind of fake enviro marketing is called greenwash. It's gotten more sophisticated over the years, but people are also more aware of it and more critical - even in business circles.