Hanging in there. Today the three remaining activists made their way safely down the construction crane - ending their occupation of the Olkiluoto, Finland, nuclear plant construction site.

You can read a (2nd hand) update from one of the climbers on the Greenpeace UK blog or read our feature story for more info.

And here's the news from Kaisa (Greenpeace Finland):

The climbers came down because they saw they had achieved already a lot. They managed to raise wide discussions about the problems of nuclear in general, and the problems of this particular reactor. They were able to get attention to the other side of the story...

- That when you try and squeeze into four years a project that normally takes 9-10 years, and your aim is to save costs in all possible things, you'll run into serious trouble and compromise safety.

- That Olkiluoto-3 would not have been implemented without subsidies.

- That the Olkiluoto-3 project has not brought the jobs and emission reductions promised before the political permit, nor proven to be "safer than the generation 2 reactors".

In addition to this, they got strong support from the energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs for one of their main demands, namely full disclosure on nuclear safety.