Mike is back on dry land after the Defending Our Pacific tour wrapped up in the Cook Islands last month. At the end of the tour, an “open boat” was held, where a couple hundred locals and tourists got the chance to tour the Esperanza.

Below, Mike gives you a chance to tour the ship, as well - inside and out.

Mike is a Web Editor for GP USA and was onboard the Esperanza serving as a webbie for the Defending Our Oceans campaign. On his blog he writes, "the tour was a really amazing experience for me and seeing as I’m still trying to process all of it, I thought I’d share just a few more videos about life onboard a Greenpeace ship."

While onboard the Esperanza, Mike shot a video tour to give you a taste of what it's like living on the largest vessel of the Greenpeace fleet.

Video tour of the Esperanza from Mike G on Vimeo.

Before leaving Vanuatu for the second leg of the Pacific tour, the onboard videographer did a quick dive test to check his underwater camera. He swam under the Esperanza and filmed the whole thing. Mike writes, "I thought the footage was pretty amazing and definitely worth sharing with you all. But to make it even more interesting, I asked the Esperanza's chief engineer, Freddy, to narrate what we were seeing."

Esperanza hull dive from Mike G on Vimeo.