OK so this week we've been talking about the OSPAR Convention, and the delegates who have the power to secure a Marine Protected Area in 10% of the future Arctic Sanctuary. All this is very interesting, but what can I do to let OSPAR know that their decision is vital for everyone? How I can get the attention of these politicians who don't know me?

Do you have ice cubes at home? Then go fetch some and follow these instructions:

Take the cube in your hand.Elena Anaya

  1. Grab your phone

  2. Take a selfie, with the cube in your hand and your best face on, or ask someone to help you take a picture.

  3. Upload it to your social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... ) using the hashtag #IceSelfie or #OSPAR2015

By doing this we remind the OSPAR delegates that there are many people who will be affected by the melting of the Arctic, that we are keeping an eye on the meeting, in London next week, and that we urge them to protect this part of the ocean at the top of our planet.

It's that easy...

And if you haven't done so already, sign here to ask OSPAR for this protection.

Virginia Rabal is a mobilisation coordinator for Greenpeace Spain.