Philips AGM protest

This was the sight that greeted Philips shareholders at the company's AGM in Amsterdam. Philips is one of the few big electronics makers who don't want to take responsibility for their own e-waste. That's the main reason Philips is almost bottom of our Guide to Greener Electronics.

Philips is definitely the most vocal company in lobbying that customers should pay a fee to recycle e-waste. More progressive companies like Dell will recycle your old e-waste for free, ensuring more old electronics are recycled and saving resources at the same time. We want Philips to match other companies' global recycling schemes that are vital to stem the rising tide of toxic e-waste being dumped in Asia.

A Philips spokesperson responded in the Dutch press that Philips is talking with governments and consumer groups about who's responsible for recycling. As Martin, our campaigner, paraphrased - yes, Philips is talking to governments asking them to make the consumer pay for recycling!

However at the AGM the Philips chairman did claim he wanted to lift the company off the bottom of the Guide, so lets see what happens....