What began in 2011 as a call to the youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to speak out for the protection of their forests has finally come to  fruition. Men, women and children from Kinshasa city and surroundings have come out to take part in the filming of the video for the song “Voix de la forêt”, whose lyrics come from a selection of poems written by young people during our Future of the Forests in Poetry competition.

In the warm September sunshine of a small forest in the Mont Ngafula commune, people came out, together as one, without distinction of race or age, because they want to protect the inimitable Congo forests.

Everyone was excited, children and parents alike. The chatter, the laughter and the sense of determination was unimaginable. Joy danced in their bright eyes, especially when we arrived on location, in the forest.

From the lush forests to DRC’s capital Kinshasa, we stood hand in hand with our fellow citizens to demand the protection of our most precious resource. At the same time, people from around the world sent in videos to prove that the forest preservation concerns us all.

This song is a reminder of how our life is intimately linked to the forest. It is the earth’s lungs, which purifies the air we breathe, and the food, water and natural medicines we use. The diversity of life on the planet, and the future of our climate all depend on the forests of the world.

What better way to express that than through the power of music; through a song that brings us all together, one that reverberates across the world: “Don’t destroy my forest, it is a part of me."

Listen to "Voix de la Forêt" here: