It's the same every year - each time Christmas comes around, your shelves become littered with cards featuring bedraggled robins and mawkish fireside scenes until they go into the recycling bin. But not this year, because we've cooked up something a little bit different.

It's an e-card, but not just any old e-card. With the help of Her Royal Highness Queen E (or at least, someone who looks very much like her), you can send friends and family alike the Queen's Alternative Christmas Speech, a customised message full of Christmas cheer that's eco-friendly in two ways. First, no trees will have been harmed in making it, and secondly Queen E has plenty of practical advice to impart that will help one and all have a greener Christmas. If you know someone who could improve their ways, this is the card for you.

For those not in the know, here in the UK (and, I believe, across the Commonwealth), our television screens are blessed each Christmas Day with a personal message from our Head of State. It's kind of like the US Presidential address but with more corgis and tweed, and receives a fair bit of lampooning.

So go on and do a forest a favour. She's waiting for you... The Queen's Alternative Christmas Speech »