Top News: Countries step up security warnings because of Bin Laden’s death; parents at Fukushima Prefecture protest over radiation levels of playground soil and French President says “non” to nuclear phase out plan

© Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Greenpeace

#Binladen: The US, Britain and Australia have all stepped up security at their embassies while the governments of the Philippines and Indonesia, where al-Qaida affiliates have been active, tightened security at potential targets including embassies and airports.

#Nukes: Parents from Fukushima prefecture unite and deliver a bag of radioactive playground earth to the Japanese education officials in a protest over exposure to the radiation levels of the soil. Children in Fukushima can now be exposed to 20 times more radiation than permitted. It is estimated that 75% of Fukushima's schools may have radiation levels above the safety level of 1 millisievert.

#Rainbow warrior/Nukes: The Rainbow Warrior is starting the radiation testing in the waters near Fukushima nuclear power plant. Check the blog from Greenpeace monitoring team on board with the latest updates.

#Nukes/ClimateandEnergy:  Greenpeace activists blocked the access road to the new generation EPR nuclear reactor in Flamanville. Meanwhile French president Sarkozy met with the NGO representatives to discuss the phase out of the nuclear power in France. He stated that he has no intention of giving up the nuclear power, but accepted a peer review of the “real cost” of the industry. Porquoi est-il difficile?

# Renewable: Germany launched the 1st offshore wind park in the Baltic Sea! (wohooo!!!) The government plans to have 10,000 MW of offshore wind power capacity installed by 2020 to boost production. The offshore wind turbines deliver a third more power than onshore turbines as winds are a higher speed and more intense at sea.


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