Following an additional confrontation yesterday morning where tuna fishermen blockaded and boarded the Rainbow Warrior - as well as fire hosing its crew; our ship has been towed out of France's 12 mile territorial zone by the French authorities!

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From Karli, on board the Rainbow Warrior in Marseille:

"We spent the day in a standoff with around 25 French industrial tuna purse-seiners surrounding us. On three occasions this boiled up... the first as we arrived, the second when we were slipping at anchor (which had been dropped in deep water for safety reasons in the first incident) - the second time we raised the anchor to move to a safer anchorage all the vessels again swarmed around us - these are multi-million euro vessels that can go any direction they like and are simply more manoeuvrable than the Rainbow Warrior. Very quickly we had to again drop the anchor."

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