Greenpeace activists at H&M in Malmo, Sweden

Greenpeace activists in eleven twelve countries including China, France, Germany and Sweden began pasting huge "DETOX our water" and "DETOX the future" stickers onto the windows of their local H&M stores this week.

Activists paid a similar visit to Adidas stores almost a month ago, before the sportswear giant made a commitment on August 31 to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals from its clothing and production processes. Nike and Puma were first out the blocks, just weeks into our Detox campaign.

H&M's reputation as an industry leader in sustainability is on the line, as the company faces questions over its commitment to people and the environment in China and elsewhere. With the fashion season already upon us, H&M are running out of time to show the world what it's capable of.


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Greenpeace today celebrates its 40th birthday, remembering September 15, 1971 when the newly founded Don't Make a Wave Committee sent a chartered ship, Phyllis Cormack, renamed Greenpeace for the protest, from Vancouver to oppose United States testing of nuclear devices in Amchitka, Alaska. They broadcast a message that day which holds true still as we campaign now for our precious water:

“We call our ship the Greenpeace because that’s the best name we can think of to join the two great issues of our times: the survival of our environment and the peace of the world. We do not consider ourselves to be radicals. We are conservatives, who insist upon conserving the environment for our children and future generations.”

(Photo: Greenpeace activists attaching at an H&M shop window in Malmo, Sweden today)