Meeting an new friendAfter catching up on some sleep and digesting the reaction and comments online back in the office here's a look back on what I learned from our first venture in taking the Green my Apple message in to the real world and face to face with Mac fans.

On the Saturday we returned to outside the tube station and the road outside the Expo venue. Lots of people took leaflets and organic apples. Our Green Mac Guy cut out was a very popular talking point outside the venue. While chatting to one interested Mac user outside, the head of venue security, Bob Denton came out to berate me for daring to talk to a member of the public on a public pavement. He repeated untrue allegations and exaggerations about Greenpeace, which I now see reprinted in some media. He left having only succeeded in putting off one Mac fan from visiting the Expo.

Over the 3 days I spoke to many supportive or interested Mac fans, several journalists, a university professor, a government consultant, and podcasters. Even several guards from Expo security where unhappy how we were treated. They all thought a greener Apple was a good cause.

On the side of silencing our message were apparently a handful of visitors who disagreed with us (I only met one), Apple and a couple of other exhibitors. Apple and corporate friends clearly pressed Expo very hard to shut our peaceful stall down.

While most people actually there where supportive, misleading statements made by Bob Denton made good controversial ink in some media outlets. He claimed police removed us from the tube station for disruptive behaviour. Untrue, but still published by some who didn't bother to get both sides of the story.

Later on Saturday we handed out our leaflets at the Regents Street Apple store, again with positive reactions from store visitors. For me this was very encouraging, as in the office I usually get to see a fair share of nasty online flaming of the campaign from some quarters. I know we'll never win over pro Apple flamers but on the basis of the 3 days it's clear to me that those who really count - Mac users, want a green Apple.

I'm sure I'm not the only one interested to see if Apple continues to pretend it can't hear Mac fans calling for a greener Apple? Steve currently has 14,000 emails and counting from Mac fans to answer!