We've been saying for years that nuclear power comes at a cost to renewable energy. Nice to hear someone in the nuclear industry agree. From the Guardian:

Industry recognises that nuclear power and renewables in Britain are mutually exclusive because they both need government support as well as the same national grid infrastructure to distribute electricity. Last week Carlo de Riva, chief executive of French state-owned nuclear company EDF, said British backing for renewables, would undermine nuclear power.

"If you provide incentives for renewables ... that will displace the incentives built into the carbon market. In effect, carbon gets cheaper. And if carbon gets cheaper, you depress the returns for all the other low-carbon technologies. [like nuclear power]."

While hunting around for this article, I came across some letters to the editor (about a previous nuclear power story). Form more information, check out our briefing (pdf) on why nuclear is not the answer. And if all this makes you think of sumo wrestling, you're a very strange person, click here.