If you’re a fan of our Save the Arctic Facebook page, may have seen some interesting changes recently. For the past few days we’ve hosted something called the Santa Relocation Project.

We’ve been asking people this simple question:

If the North Pole melts, Santa will have to move. So where do you think he should go?

We’ve had hundreds of responses from people over the world, and here are some of the best suggestions:

  • Santa can live at my grans
  • The Amazon, or the Congo
  • The best place for Santa, Tierra del fuego
  • I think it would be quite cool if Santa came once a year on a rocket from the moon.

We’ve even had an offer from Entourage star Adrian Grenier, who invited Santa to play guitar in his basement in New York.

So why have we been doing this? Well, first of all the North Pole really is in danger of melting away. A large number of scientists are now saying we could see summers without sea ice in the Arctic within Santa’s lifetime.

Secondly, kids are absolutely crucial to the future of the Arctic. A few people have suggested that we shouldn’t talk about Santa because we’ll upset them. In fact, children are often more concerned about climate change than their parents, and more willing to do something about it.

Finally, a lot of people don’t know what’s happening up there. We need to reach these people so that we can win the political battles that lie ahead. By talking to people about things they’re familiar with - like Santa’s workshop at the North Pole - we can prepare them for a more detailed conversation about serious stuff like climate change, or the greedy oil industry.

That’s why we created the Santa Relocation Project with the LA based agency BBH, who are an extremely innovative bunch. They offered their time for free, to help us build our movement and appeal to as many people as possible. It’s just one of the creative collaborations that are helping bring the message of Arctic protection to millions of people across the world.

We’re still open to ideas about where Santa should move to, and we’re going to be returning to this theme next year. But for now, Santa’s home is safe. Let’s keep it that way - visit SaveTheArctic.org