I've just been reading about the Nuclear Free Local Authorities's recent conference examining the possible impact of the UK's new nuclear programme on Ireland - a country without nuclear power - has found that Ireland is at serious risk from any accident there. Mind you, Sellafield - the usual nuclear bugbear for Irish people is not at the top of the list of possible sites - Wylfa on the Welsh island of Angelsea is more probable - also in the Irish Sea.

Of course, it's not just Ireland that's at risk from places like Sellafield - obviously, the people of the UK itself are too, and that's why Nuclear Free Local Authorities came into being.

In a bit of a "bugger off" to the idea of nuclear power, the Irish governmenthave just launched a Green paper on energy, which recommends the continutation of the prohibition of nuclear energy "for reasons of security, safety and environmental feasibility". Instead, the paper says that 30% of energy needs to come from truly renewable sources by 2020 - 98% of this will be from wind.

And if you live where I live on the west coast, you'll know that there's no shortage of wind around here. Mind you, there's plenty of wind generated in a certain building on the east coast too....

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