Looks like that old nugget, Sellafield reprocessing plant, is back in the news again, this time for leak that was discovered in April 2005, eight months after it had started:

"About 83,000 litres of acid containing 20 tonnes of uranium and 160kg of plutonium escaped from a broken pipe into a sealed concrete holding site. The operator of the Cumbrian site, British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing."

"The court heard that the leak should have been detected within days rather than the eight months it took. Passing sentence, Mr Justice Openshaw said British Nuclear Group Sellafield 'did not have a good safety record'."

Guardian: Sellafield operator fined £500,000

BBC: Sellafield operator fined £500,000

Irish Dick Roche Environment Minister said:

"'The level of this fine, together with the fines already imposed by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority earlier this year, goes some way towards reflecting the serious issues which resulted in the leak of this large volume of toxic material. However it gives little comfort that the poor, ongoing safety culture identified can, or will, be tackled by the UK authorities,' Mr Roche said."

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Leak of radioactive liquor in the feed clarification cell at BNG THORP Sellafield:

Published by nuclear engineers John Large & Associates this Review examines the failure of pipework in the feed clarification cell of the thermal oxide reprocessing plant (THORP) at Sellafield that resulted in closure of the plant in April 2005. Operation of THORP is contracted to the British Nuclear Group (BNG) and owned by the government agency the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). Leak of radioactive liquor in the feed clarification cell at BNG THORP SellafieldRead more »

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