By now, not much that oil companies say or do to profit off outdated fuel sources surprises me. But even if they aren’t surprising, it is still entertaining to watch just how wrong they can get it.  

Around the world, renewables are pushing fossil fuels out of the mix faster than most thought possible. And while our projections for an Energy Revolution were pretty close, we had no way of knowing how companies like Shell would react once they got nervous. One thing is for sure, in this case it is tragically funny. Have a look at Shell’s recent attempt at winning us over, called La Belle Relation (The Beautiful Relation).

Shell’s youtube description reads: "Renewable energy needs the perfect partner. See why the reliable and predictable natural gas can be one half of that beautiful relationship #makethefuture"

Fortunately, the global movement of folks saying #ShellNo is growing and includes some really talented people that recognize an opportunity for parody when they see it. Have a look at this response from some creative climate activists.

Thanks to the folks that created La Belle Solution (A Beautiful Solution) for showing us what a relationship between renewables and fossil fuels really looks like!

Jess Miller is the Managing Editor for the Americas at Greenpeace USA.