Yesterday I found myself in Bremerhaven, in the presence of the new Rainbow Warrior. She's still a work in progress, the unique A-frame masts won't be fitted for another month, after she's been moved into the water. The interior is a patchwork of almost complete rooms and construction sites. Welders, electricians and engineers are hard at work bringing her step by step to completion. But it doesn't matter.

She's already beautiful and she's going to change the world.

The paintjob may never be shinier than it is now, and it doesn't just look good. The paint is a special anti-fouling compound that prevents barnacles and other ocean dwellers from setting up home on the hull, meaning the ship will remain as sleek and efficient as possible. And the paint isn't just good for performance, most anti-fouling paints last for a few years and need regular refreshing. This compound will last fifty years, just one more way we're trying to make this the greenest ship we've ever owned.

The new custom-built Rainbow Warrior will enable us to take action, year after year, anywhere in the world. That persistence and dedication is what enables Greenpeace to win important victories. And we need those victories more now than ever before.

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