Cheng reading speech. Update from Agnes: Several members of the Solar Generation, together with students from People and Planet, took part yesterday in a largely peaceful G8 demonstration in Rostock.

Carrying huge banners and inflatable snowmen, people marched from Schlutuper Kreuz to the Rostock City Harbour to call on G8 leaders to take action on climate change. Leaders from the Group of 8 countries are meeting in Heiligendamm next week to discuss issues like social justice, climate change, and trade liberalisation. There were a number of riots during the demonstration but these involved only a few protesters.

Cheng qian of Solar Generation China delivered a speech before 80.000 people!, urging the G8 to ACT NOW. The Solar Drums group, as well as volunteers from Greenpeace Germany, were also there to join the demonstration.

[photo: © Greenpeace / Salvatore Barbera (Giona)]

[ Editor's note: This was originally published on the Solar Gen site here. I have copied it here and set the published date to match. These updates will get pulled into our main G8 page, and I want the dates there to be accurate. -- Andrew ]