Close your eyes. Now imagine a perfect holiday destination; a peaceful place where you can swim in crystal-clear waters, breathe clean air, enjoy amazing food served by hospitable locals, explore countless islands and walk on exotic beaches.

This place is called Solarnia, a Mediterranean paradise completely powered by clean and safe energy. It has a stable economy and a flourishing tourism industry.

Now, open your eyes. Imagine a place where the sea turned black, where the food is contaminated, where the air is unbreathable, where tourism has died out, and where oil rigs and coal plants are all you can see on the horizon.

This place has no name, it's a Mediterranean nightmare affected by dirty and dangerous energy, with a degrading economy and no tourism.

Now, I want you to keep your eyes open, because this nightmare might become reality very soon. Mediterranean countries' governments are planning to start new risky oil driling projects and build new coal powerplants which will harm the local nature end economy forever.

Sign our petition to stop the madness before it's too late.

Only with your help, can we convince the Mediterranean authorities to quit dirty energy forever and to switch to clean energy now!

Together, we can keep Solarnia a paradise for all of us.

Human Banner "Go Solar" by Greenpeace Italy Volunteers in Ostia (Rome).  © Giuseppe Chiantera/Greenpeace.

Last weekend, in Spain and Italy, local communities as well as tourists gathered on the main beaches from the Canary islands to the Roman coast to demand action to be able to still enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean land, to raise their children in a safe area, far from the risks of oil spills, pollution and land destruction.

A place where – thanks to you – the local authorities switched to renewable energy as the permanent solution to foster new jobs, secure energy independence, protect the ecosystem and mitigate climate change.

This is how your beloved holiday destinations will be protected and your Solarnia dream come true. Once and for all.

Thanks to your help, together we can say goodbye to dirty energy policies and fossil fuel projects, and welcome clean and renewable sources instead.

Join us and help us protect our Solar Paradise for a bright future.

Cristiana De Lia is the Comms Coordinator with Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe.