Spinal Tap is reuniting to play at the Live Earth shows.

OK, it's official. When Spinal Tap decides to get involved in efforts to stop global warming, we know we've got a critical mass of people who get it.

This represents perhaps the greatest communications victory of the decade for all of us who toil in the fields of cautionary messages and doom and gloom alarmism. This, surely, is the guarantee that the 7-7-7 concert will have every man, woman, child, (along with that unique rockstar mix of all three) on the planet committing to do their part. When we've touched the hearts and minds of fictional spoof bands from the 1980s, we have reached deep into the soul of the popular zeitgeist, and clutched it by the t-shirt.

We may need to do a teeny bit more work on messaging what needs to be done, though.

Lead singer Nigel has committed to doing his personal part to combat global warming by ...taking his jacket off.

Back to work, people.