We’ve been asking Cairn Energy to release their Arctic oil spill response plan for over a month now.

The idea of an oil spill somewhere in the Arctic is something that terrifies me. While at Greenpeace, I’ve worked both on the issue of oil spills (last summer, receiving and putting online photos and stories from the Gulf of Mexico) and on the Arctic (the photos and stories were then of pristine and unique beauty). Putting the two together mentally is disturbing and worrying. And I never want to see it in real life.

I don’t think for a second anyone in Greenland would either. This is why I’m completely baffled as to why Cairn Energy’s oil spill response plan has not been made available to the public for review and scrutiny.

According to the Arctic Council Oil and Gas Guidelines, which were adopted and endorsed by the Ministers of the Arctic States, an oil spill response plan should meet a number of detailed requirements, and "Operators should allow the opportunity for public review and comment of the Plan".

A letter has been sent today to the Greenland Prime Minister Kuupik Kleist, signed by Greenpeace as well as other organisations and individuals, asking for the public release of this oil spill response.

There is no reason for this secrecy. The oil spill response plan should be made public.

Join us and ask Cairn to release its Arctic oil spill response plan.