© Schoelzel/Greenpeace. Greenpeace activists protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Berlin demanding an end to whaling by showing a symbolic twisted harpoon.

Berlin, Germany. © Schoelzel/Greenpeace

Over the last couple of days, activists have been visiting Japanese embassies in capitals around the world, demanding an end to Japan's whaling programme in the Southern Ocean, as well as for an open and transparent investigation of the scandal around stolen whale meat from the whale ship Nisshin Maru.

More than 40,000 of you wrote to the Japanese government to demand an investigation, and today the Tokyo district Public Prosecutor has confirmed that there will one. We will be cooperating in every way possible to ensure that it is a full investigation, to the highest levels and not simply the scapegoating of a few individual crew members. While the investigation is underway, we're demanding that the government immediately suspend any whaling permits, as well as stop the tax-payers' subsidy to the programme.

Now we all need to push the Japanese government to make good on our second and third demands: shut down whaling and cut off its tax subsidies. We also want to ensure that they investigate this scandal at the highest level – not just by scapegoating crew members.

Please send a message to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan! - then check out the rest of the photographs...

Greenpeace whales and activists visit the Japanese Embassy compound in</p><p>Washington to protest whaling in the Southern Ocean © Greenpeace/Tim Aubrey

Washington D.C., USA © Greenpeace/Tim Aubrey

Greenpeace activists at the Japanese embassy in Canberra, protesting against whaling. © Greenpeace/Pratten

Canberra, Australia. © Greenpeace/Pratten

Activists outside the Japanese embassy in Paris, France, protesting against whaling. © Greenpeace/Leslie Labrosse

Paris, France. © Greenpeace/Leslie Labrosse