The Rainbow Warrior trials her sails in a Force 7 North Sea gale.



If you're one of the 100,000 people who donated directly to the ship's creation, or who bought a bolt, a square meter of sail, or the entire wheelhouse from our online e-store, thank you so much. We're inviting you on board for a glimpse of life on the Warrior from behind the scenes, below the decks, and off the record with our web mini-series of video blogs, "Stories from the Rainbow Warrior" Follow the entire series, which will run through the end of this year, through the eyes of our newest activists, the New Hands on Deck.

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Catch our web video series "Stories from the Rainbow Warrior" and see the maiden voyage through the eyes of our newest activists, the New Hands on Deck follow their updates on Facebook Twitter Storify YouTube and Flickr.