CeBIT team

This quote from The Register caused much amusement in our little corner of the Greenpeace office yesterday, with an amusing description of our colleagues at CeBIT IT show:

Greenpeace weighed in to the debate. From the inside. In recent years the environmental organisation has pitched up at the gates of the show, pitching piles of IT scrap onto the floor to shame attendees into rethinking their attitude to the environment. This time they were on the inside, staging a press conference to highlight their report into how green a sample of PCs, phone, and PDAs were. The panel would have struck fear into the hearts of the IT industry jockeys who sneaked in. Young, committed, multi-ethnic. The sort of people who would have once been haranguing one another in the student union, while the geeks were playing /Dungeons and Dragons/ in their bedrooms.

As well as some gentle ribbing of our 'young, committed and multi-ethic' colleagues we also had to explain to Zeina what Dungeons and Dragons was.

As usual from The Register the rest of the article is a good read, on how the IT industry is seemingly lacking a cohesive plan to tackle it's carbon emissions. Our upcoming energy criteria for the Guide to Greener Electronics should help them there!