At Greenpeace, we support Blog Action Day.

It's one of those simple ideas that can make a world of difference. On October 15th, bloggers around the world will focus on a single issue - the environment. Already, almost 6,000 blogs with a combined audience of over 3.8 million have signed up. The list includes some big names, like Lifehacker and Treehugger, but every blog counts. So whether your blog is big or small, you should sign up today!

Can we make a difference as bloggers? When one of my colleagues at Greenpeace Greece heard about blog action day, he sent me an email titled "10,000 were not on their couch":

The link comes from a national TV chanel. It is long but helps to have a picture of approx 10,000 silent people, dressed in black, gathered in front of the parliament because they are fed up with the destruction of the environment, after an initiative by bloggers. No political party, ngo or else involved

Yes, bloggers have real power. If you don't have blog, now's a good time to start one. If you have a blog, register it and help promote Blog Action Day. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll post more tips and ideas for blogging the environment.

See you in the blogosphere, Oct 15.