Never heard of a jelly-burger before? Then you must watch this video!


OK - It's April fool's day but jelly-burgers might not be a product of our imagination for long. As scientists like Daniel Pauly and Jennifer Jacquet warn, if overfishing and ocean destruction continue at the current rate jellyfish might soon be some of the few creatures still thriving in our oceans! The message is simple: we need governments to establish ocean sanctuaries and ensure fishing is carried out sustainably or the oceans will turn into a warm jelly-soup – which I bet tastes even worse than a jelly-burger.

That's why Jennifer Jacquet and her students at New York University joined forces with Greenpeace volunteers this morning outside the gates of the United Nations in New York where governments are meeting to discuss the protection of the high seas, which cover more than 60% of the ocean and belong to all human kind.  Together we've launched a global petition to the countries at the United Nations to Support Ocean Sanctuaries.

A small Greenpeace team from South America, South East Asia and Europe will be present at the UN meeting this week to make sure the messages to governments of thousands of ocean defenders are heard loud and clear. If you want to send a message to Support Ocean Sanctuaries click here and join us in Support of Ocean Sanctuaries!

Sofia Tsenikli is a Senior Oceans Policy Advisor at Greenpeace International.