Protest at OKQ8 headquarters

Swedish petrol giant OKQ8 has ditched plans to use palm oil in their new biodiesel Eco20. We are opposed to palm oil production, which destroys native rainforest, often by burning, to make way for massive palm plantations.

OKQ8 was the first oil company in Europe to plan to launch palm oil biodiesel.

One of our campaigners, Frode, has been at our Forest Defenders Camp for the last two weeks precisely to highlight why unsustainable palm oil is bad news for forests and the climate: "OKQ8 has acknowledged that the increased demand of palm oil could lead to rainforest destruction. For the last two weeks I have witnessed and documented rainforest being cut down, drained and burnt for the sake of oil palm plantations. There is quite simply no such thing as sustainable palm oil and OKQ8's statement is therefore very important."

This is good news and big boost to our activists who are right now acting to stop the destruction of the Indonesian forests. Unfortunately palm oil is still used in a large number of food products and the impact of its growing use on Indonesia forests is largely unknown.

Palm oil is being promoted as a climate friendly fuel alternative and even subsidised by some governments. However the emissions from burning the forest and draining peatlands mean that palm oil is actually a climate destroying fuel - Burning of the forest and peat (mainly for palm oil plantations) makes Indonesia the world’s third largest climate polluter.