Action at Huntly coal fired power stationYesterday we launched the New Zealand version of the Energy [r]evolution report and man it's sobering reading. The standout quote is perhaps this one:

It has been said that the entire history of the environmental movement has been a dress rehearsal for the fight against climate change, and it’s a fight that we must win, because our own civilisation is at stake.

The report was launched with a direct action at Huntly coal fired power station (yes even down here in "clean green New Zealand" we're burning that dirty old coal).

And with a touch of irony one of the banner hanging attempts was thwarted by wind power - According to news reports the activists on the smoke stack 150 meters up were tossed around like "tumble weed on bungees" and like "corks on an akubra" - but they still managed to hammer the message home with another monster banner and by returning coal from the power station to the mine from whence it came with a little digger and some trucks.

For some reason the hired digger sparked a second days news story on the TV with this strange little piece.


You can check out some of the pics taken from inside the action on mobile phones - sent out to our flickr account and pulled into our website with rss and neat little slideshow (very web2.0 I know).