The gas guzzler video - click for more In the UK, the annual Motor Show has just opened amidst sweltering summer heat that the Met Office reckons might be linked to climage change. So we've launched a slick new 'advert' targeting gas guzzling 4x4s for being one of the worst climate offenders.

The gas guzzler video - click for moreUsing SUVs (sports utility vehicles or four-wheel drives to you and me) for what they're built for is one thing - but our cities are starting to fill up with insanely powerful machines. In 2004 alone Ford spent over £18 million in the UK marketing Land Rovers as glamorous products for town and country. The company spent £3.2 million on marketing the vehicles to Londoners! And then there's the fact that Hummer are about to start selling right-hand-drive machines... who the hell needs a 3.5L Hummer off-road military vehicle H3 for picking the kids up from school?

And don't even start me on the stretch Hummer I've seen around the streets of Dublin...

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Meanwhile, one of the stars of the movie Crash Thandie Newton is doing her bit to fight climate change

Last year, the actor found a Greenpeace leaflet on her windscreen of her SUV - left by one of our colleagues, Cat. This got her thinking - and before long, she traded in her gas guzzling 4x4 for a fuel efficient Toyota Prius, which switches between petrol and electric to get nearly three times more miles to the gallon than her old BMW X5.

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