Never have so many penguins been seen waddling in so many places.

They were ice skating in Stockholm, tap dancing in London, trekking up the highest mountain in Turkey and marching on mass in central Tokyo. They were even spotted roaming the deserts of Israel and swimming in the Dead Sea.

Last Saturday (which also happened to be Penguin Awareness Day) penguins across the world stood up in force to support an ocean sanctuary in the Antarctic.

An Antarctic Sanctuary would be a safe haven for penguins, whales and seals. It would put the waters off-limits to the industrial fishing vessels sucking up the tiny shrimp-like krill which Antarctic life relies on. Healthy oceans sustain precious wildlife, help limit climate change and provide food security for billions of people.

You can join the movement here, without having to put on a penguin costume (unless you want to).

Penguins in TurkeyA parade of penguins inspect an artwork about Climate Change by Aydın Ermis and Salih Kocakaya called ‘Time of Transformation’ on Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Erciyes.


Penguins in JapanPenguin crossing. A large waddle spotted in the Shinjuku area of central Tokyo


Penguins in SwedenDazzling the locals with outstanding choreographed ice skating in central Stockholm.


Penguins in IsraelA quiet moment of reflection 430m below Antarctic sea level at the Dead Sea in Israel.


Penguins in the NetherlandsA raft of Penguins forming a circle in central Utrecht in the Netherlands.


Penguins in the NetherlandsTux dining out in style and enjoying some hearty broth in the Netherlands.


Penguins in the UK“Catch ya later, we’re off for a good ol’ knees up!” Calling friends and family back home from a red telephone box in London.


Penguins in ArgentinaCrossing the road in search of somewhere to stay in Rosario, Argentina.


Penguins in the UKA large colony of 80 penguins tap dancing outside the South Bank centre in central London.


Penguins in Hong KongPenguin shopping in central Hong Kong.


Penguins in IsraelHave you ever seen a penguin in the desert? Well, now you have. In Israel.


Penguins in Spain13,000km from home, by the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.



Penguins in DenmarkA creche of Penguins calling to protect the Antarctic from the picture postcard old harbour, Nyhavn, in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Penguins in TurkeyAnd a final message from Istanbul. This is our world too.

There are many names for groups of penguins on land, but a ‘waddle’ has to be my favourite. Help protect their Antarctic home, so that penguins everywhere can continue to waddle forever.

Will Rose is a freelance photographer with Greenpeace UK