Here's a glimpse of some strange green futures that have flickered across the low-energy flat-panel LCD screens over at the Greenpeace Secret Mountain Zeitgeist Laboratories.

Windmill flower

From WorldChanging:

The Dutch advisory for the landscape asked designers to come up with new generation wind mills. 100 MW mountains, a cooperation between One Architecture, Ton Matton and NL architect, suggested that grouping up to 10 turbines into a kind of flower bouquet would add a nice touch to the landscape.

From Treehugger:

If you liked Rebar's instant San Francisco park, you will love David Gallaugher's grass-lined wheel. He and three other Dalhousie architecture students built it to make a social statement- we need more green space. Their contraption is a way to "take the park with you" ..."We're looking at the idea of green space in the city," said grad student Kevin James. "Even in the Public Gardens [in Halifax, NS], you're not allowed to walk on the grass." People who were curious enough to ask one of the students what it was all about got slips of paper explaining the students' ideals."They're just really curious about it," said James. "And we get a lot of hamster jokes."

From PlayEngine

Somebody at the office thought I photoshopped this. Nope -- it's an actual product for sale now: the bamboo PC. (Well, bamboo screen, keyboard, and mouse, anyway. Slight fire hazard for a CPU I guess.) The casing isn't the hard part of designing a sustainable, green PC -- it's all those heavy metals and bromide fire-retardants in the actual guts that need to go -- but this is a nice alternatiive to a big chunk of PVC.