Carl CarlssonIn even more from the slightly-irrelevant-Iceland-whaling news desk, the Iceland Review has excitedly revealed the shocking news that Homer Simpson's supervisor in Sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Powerplant is actually Icelandic (despite the considerable anomalies, as wikipedia points out, of being raised in Cincinatti in one episode, as well as being proudly African American).

Apparently Carl's name is spelt the more Icelandic way "Karl" in the episode where Homer uses a terminator-style system to scan potential husbands for his wife's ill-fated chain-smoking sister Selma. (If my memory serves correctly, Carl is rejected as a potential husband for Selma due to the unfortunate fact that he is not Lenny, his co-worker. Why Lenny is also rejected remains a mystery).

I wonder what Carl would think of his nation's resumption of commercial whaling? He *does* work in a nuclear powerplant, and was a member of the secret powerful sect the Stonecutters, so it's unclear where he'd sit on this one. However Marge is impressed by him and he is also schizophrenic, so you just never know.

If any member of the Simpsons' writers would allow me to interview Mr Carlsson I would be very grateful to pick his brains on the matter.