Tracy just sent in a great update for Greenpeace India's Ban the Bulb blog, which is covering the Rainbow Warrior's visit. Tracy's normally spends her days deskbound in the Greenpeace UK office, but she's taken a break from all that's familiar to join the Warrior on it's tour of India.

Excerpt from Tracy's update:

When we arrived our jeep drove right up to the stage which I immediately thought was a bit odd, but then I saw some familiar faces and Shomo one of our climate campaigners said we had to go to the stage right away. He said quickly, or there will be a riot.

They had been waiting for us – thousands of students from all over the island and local people waiting to see us. We were told that we had to send the leader from the Rainbow Warrior up to the microphone to say a few things – we all looked at each other in horror. The captain was still on board to sail the ship here. So we forced Lesley, our medic from New Zealand, to the front of the stage to speak. She protested a bit but then the Minister for this area put his arm around her and coerced her to the microphone – the whole crowd cheered.

It was more like a rock concert than a political rally. Lesley thanked everyone for being there and the honour of having us. She said the Rainbow Warrior will be sailing to Bali from the next Kyoto meeting and we’ll take their message to stop climate change and save the Sundarbans with us.

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