For the third time, European Environment Ministers have blocked a European Commission (EC) proposal to force member countries to accept the cultivation of genetically engineered (GE) crops on their soil. This time it was Hungary who was in the firing line of the EC and its love affair with GE crops.

The EU Environment Ministers today voted to extent the EC loosing streak on this issue to three straight when they supported Hungary´s right to protect its nature and population from GE crops, in this case a Monsanto maize known as MON810, engineered to contain a toxin and kill pests.

The big question is why after going into the latest round 2-0 down, the EC didn't decide to change their game? If they actually listened to the citzens of Europe, they might have changed their strategy to one of protecting the EU and its member states from GE and actually be on the winning side for a change.

European conventional and organic farmers are already increasingly exposed to contamination by genetically engineered crops, revealed a report published yesterday by Greenpeace and GeneWatch UK, which catalogues a list of contamination incidences around the world.

Lets just hope that after loosing for the third time that they don't embarass themselves by trying to a fourth straight loss.