If you live in California, you’ll be voting soon on many issues. One of the issues is Proposition 23. Prop 23 would essentially kill California’s energy and climate bill by delaying its implementation until the State’s unemployment rate falls below 5.5% for a full year.

Here’s why you should reject it and vote no on Prop 23:

10. You’ll feel it in your purse. Prop 23 could increase your energy costs by up to $650 by keeping California addicted to oil according to a study by Energy Independence Now, the Center for Resource Solutions and the Environmental Defense Fund.

9. It’s bad for the Californian economy: renewable energy is a sector in full development, and the US is missing the train.

8. It’s bad for jobs: Prop 23 will prevent the creation of green jobs in California.

7. California will more than ever deserve its reputation for being innovative – renewable energy is the energy of the future.

6. California is on the front line of climate change, and has a large interest in stopping it. Just ask these fire fighters.

5. Prop 23 would stop incentives for renewable energy not just in California but in other states too – the same way it was a California law that pushed for higher efficiency in cars throughout the USA.

4. A sunny state like California is one of the most obvious places in the world to develop solar energy, developments that would be impeded by Prop 23.

3. Voting against prop 23 is sticking it to oil companies: they’re bankrolling Prop 23 by paying for 97% of the campaign.

2. You know that “out of the goodness of their black oil hearts” (as Gov. Schwarzenegger would put it), oil companies don’t actually have your best interest in mind.

1. Simply – to protect our planet.


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