Despite the best efforts of the British Airports Authority to injunct it out of existence, the Camp for Climate Action was held in a field just a short hop from the perimeter fence of Europe's busiest airport, Heathrow. A week of workshops, seminars and entertainment about low-carbon living was capped off with 24-hours of direct action which kicked off at 12pm on Sunday.

Minor scuffles with police clad in riot gear and mounted on horseback didn't stop the various actions taking place, ranging from banners being hung from bridges over nearby motorways to marking out where the proposed third runway will cut through the nearby village of Sipson. But the focus for protesters was BAA's offices which were blockaded by happy campers who turned the overnight occupation into something of a party, despite the drizzle and unseasonal cold.

Monday morning saw a plethora of actions popping up across the country when BP, carbon offsetting companies and nuclear power stations were targeted by protesters. Because of the high profile injunction, media coverage has been phenomenal with some surprising support from the right-wing press and even appearances by campers on daytime chat shows! But whether the collusion of industry and government can be swayed remains to be seen.

More details on the proceedings over on the UK blog.