Nuclear is getting a lot of bad press lately in the UK.

The Conservative party is insisting that nuclear power should be a last resort and an expert has advised an immediate shut down of UK reactors after a report was leaked revealing that many of them are unsafe! Many people support nuclear power because they believe that it is the only solution in the fight against global warming but those of us who aren't completely gullible know that's just a bunch of crap.

What the UK needs is a decentralised energy system. It may sound unrealistic or complicated but it's not. They are already doing it in Denmark and the Netherlands. Decentralised energy means that energy is created close to the location where it is used rather than being created in just a few large power stations far away, which are controlled by big corporations.

Did you know that two thirds of energy going into power stations is wasted mainly as heat, which is not utilised. Sounds ludicrous doesn't it? Find out more and watch a cool little movie.