Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie responding to reports that the UK government is recruiting pro-conservation governments to the International Whaling Commission:

Last year UK NGO's asked Blair to write personally to key countries explaining that a resumption of commercial whaling was a very real threat. So far he has refused to do this, but today has announced that he will write the foreword for a brochure. While Greenpeace welcomes a brochure against whaling it is hardly a move which will have the same impact as a personalised letter or a direct meeting.

The Japanese Government has been building a voting majority at the IWC for the last 10 years, with Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers actively lobbying for a resumption of commercial whaling.

If the UK Government want to claim they are fighting a resumption of commercial whaling then they must urgently up their game, and Tony Blair must raise this issue within Cabinet and directly with other Heads of State.

Willie sounds fairly unimpressed. With the Japanese government running a very aggressive pro-whaling recruitment drive (often backed by development aid), the UK government will need to try a bit harder.

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