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Green my Apple by Hugo

(Thanks to Hugo for this month's Greenmyapple News image)

You've been nominated for a Webby Award!

Congratulations to all of you who have contributed material to Green my Apple. Your collective efforts have been recognised by the Webby Awards: we're finalists in the Activism category!

Winning the campaign is, of course, much more important than winning an award. But winning a Webby would put even more pressure on Apple to do the right thing. And the "People's Voice" awards (the one we can vote for) will be announced May 1st, one week before the Apple Annual General Meeting!

Click here to cast your vote for Green my Apple. Let's make sure we're on the red carpet for the "Oscars of the Internet." After all, Gore went to the real Oscars, and look what happened to the debate on climate change! ;-)

Let your voice be heard! And tell others to use theirs. We want to see the iBuzz page covered in blog links and tagged encouragement to vote for the website you've helped build with your t-shirt designs, banners, blogs, and posters: and which is dedicated to reducing the e-waste mountains of Asia and Africa.

Put on the pressure: Apple AGM is coming up!

On May 10th, the Apple Annual General Meeting will take place at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. Two environmental resolutions filed by investors calling for Apple to improve their policies on take-back and the use of hazardous chemicals have already been nixed by the Apple board of directors. But that doesn't preclude the great, wise, and good leadership of Apple taking their own measures to improve. Apple didn't budge from last place in our recent Green Electronics ranking, in which Chinese manufacturer Lenova leapt into the lead.

The time is now, Apple fans! Let's turn up the pressure by hitting the blogs, storming technorati, and getting the word out far and wide that we want to hear about a new, green Apple on May 10th.