James on the Espernanza writes...

It’s been a hectic day - but a successful one.

We heard at our ship’s briefing this morning at 0800 that our friends were going to attempt to get on Chevron’s massive Stena Carren rig in the next couple of hours and stop it from moving.

Choosing their moment, they slipped a couple of inflatable boats into the still waters outside the Shetland capital Lerwick and headed out towards Chevron’s rig, doing their best to remain inconspicuous.

Those of us on the Esperanza were miles away, slowly tracking north having left Aberdeen last night after restocking our supplies.  We knew our friends would be heading out to climb the Stena Carren but could do little more than cross our fingers that they’d make it.

Make it they did – in style. After reaching the bottom of the drill ship, two of our climbers, Anais and Victor, scampered onto the giant anchor hauling their supplies and shelter with them.

It’s dark now and Anais and Victor have settled into their temporary home – a two-person ‘portaledge’ suspended from one of the giant rungs of the Chevron ship’s anchor. Last we heard from Victor, they were both in high spirits with plenty of food and water to keep the occupation going.

That’s good news, because our climbers have got every intention of hanging in there as long as they can.  Every day they’re up there is one less day that Chevron can drill its risky deepwater well.

Victor sent us an update from the anchor chain before climbing into his sleeping bag:

"So, after a nice meal and the fantastic news that the Esperanza has arrived, we are very happy. Life in a portaledge is quite comfy, although it has very little space. There are strings and straps everywhere and all our things have to be secured so they don't fall down.

On the outside we have our food and water hanging in dry sacks. It's quite windy, but with the tent covering us it's not so bad. All the best to you in the outside world. Love, Victor."

We’ll keep you updated with any news we get as soon as we get it, but thanks for all your support and for taking action with us at gobeyondoil.org

-- James

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