Parental warning: Video contains nudity. (But not exactly anything that I'd call shocking.)

Greenpeace Switzerland and artist Spencer Tunick teamed up for this, ahem, unusual project. Really well done. Big thanks to all the volunteers who bared all in 10 degrees C. Full story on the Greenpeace website.

Update: For the record, I can neither confirm not deny the presence of a certain famous tech industry CEO at the shoot. ;)

So far no complaints about the nudity (however tasteful). So far none. The closest I've seen is from the Economist, which lamented that the "power of nakedness is on the wane". But I'd say the Economist spoke too soon.

This "living sculpture" was covered by hundreds of bloggers and media outlets world-wide. The message about glaciers melting gets through in the vast majority of these. And, as a happy side benefit, provided plenty opportunity for "shrinkage" jokes.

Oh, and coverage in Switzerland was also good. From Tribune de Genève:

It’s a sight to be long remembered: six hundred pink, brown and naked bodies gathered on the freezing slopes of Valais’s majestic Aletsch glacier. The volunteers, young and old, came to pose in the snow without clothes on the weekend for American photographer Spencer Tunick. The artist, who kept his clothes on himself, choreographed the affair as part of a commission for Greenpeace to highlight the impact of climate change.

In remarks to his nude subjects, Tunick noted that the glacier they were standing on would not be there in 80 years if humans continue their current activities. Scientists believe the production of greenhouse gases from sources such as the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to the warming of the planet, resulting in shrinking glaciers, among other impacts. Greenpeace is planning to use Tunick’s photographs for a campaign on the “naked truth” about climate change.