I’ve written a few blogs since I’ve been on the Rainbow Warrior, but my time in Brazil has given me enough material for thousands more. I worked as a journalist before Greenpeace and that is how I have approached this trip, trying to tell you the stories that happen every day in this magical country and do some justice to the people who live in it.

Today I produced a more personal account of my work as well as my impressions of this truly unique place. I wanted to do this because on Friday the President of Brazil will make a decision that could affect this amazing rainforest for decades to come. I believe that the people I have met here want the world to know what is at stake, so I tried to explain how the past few weeks have affected me.

As I’ve learned, changes to Brazil’s forest code could be one of the worst things to have happened to the Amazon for years. I also know that the concept of zero deforestation is tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.

I hope you enjoy the film, but more importantly I ask you take action with us.

Together we can do it. Together we can all save the Amazon.