whale fluke

Last night at 1 o'clock in the morning I was just about to go to sleep in Amsterdam when Karli, the expedition leader on the Esperanza, messaged me saying "check out the web cam now, we have 30 or more humpbacks all around us eating their breakfast". Sure enough, after a few minutes of waiting patiently gazing at my laptop I saw a humpback surface in front of the ship with a spout! Like many whale watchers, I've been lucky enough to see humpbacks up close but how many people can say they have watched them in the Southern Ocean, in real time, from their bed in a completely different hemisphere?

You can view live web cam images here and check out some of the images captured from last night here. Irene, the lovely web editor on board the Esperanza has also written about "sailing through whale breakfast" on the blog and she is setting up more web cams around the ship now so us land lubbers should have an even better virtual whale watching experience soon!