Here's a post from Dietlind Lerner, one of our Communications Managers:

One of the best things about my job at Greenpeace International is getting to work on communications with our new International Executive Kumi Naidoo. Kumi is a natural leader who is happy to give advice - but also to take it thereby giving all of us a real sense of belonging to something big and important. As part of his job, Kumi spends a good part of his time meeting with business leaders and politicians, which is of course essential to the work we do. But my guess is that what Kumi prefers to do is meet with Greenpeace staff, volunteers, and supporters. Kumi was 15 when he first became politically active by joining the struggle to end Apartheid. Since then he has gone on to found new Non Governmental Organisations and join various national and international civil society organisations; his entire adult life has been about volunteering and being an activist. "It is the good men and women who dedicate themselves to doing the right thing and making the right choices who will decide the future of our planet" he often says. And so with every trip he takes, Kumi asks me if it’s possible for him to meet field staff, office personnel and volunteers. I often get email of thanks after these meetings, but have never been to one myself. For this reason I was very happy to receive this video of Kumi's visit to a Greenpeace Germany supporter event. I'd like to share it with you: