Defending Our Oceans has garnered Greenpeace a place in the 59 Smartest Orgs online as chosen by GetActive, NetSquared and Squidoo (founded by everyone's favourite marketing guru, Seth Godin). They say:

"These are organizations that give their volunteers and members a voice and get out of the way. They're pros at mobilizing awareness online. They're experimentors. Innovators. On a mission. They're fearless....These aren't just orgs that throw up a video or a forum or a MySpace page and stop."

Check it out and vote us even higher on the list!

And while you're at it, take part in some of that innovation - check out the new, improved IGO tools to create your own whaling campaign, the latest episode of Ocean Defender TV, join in the Galley Gossip in our discussion forum, or say hi to the lovely Dave onboard our ship the Esperanza.