The Apple Annual General Meeting is on May 10th, the Green my Apple site just won a webby, and now is the time to for everyone to join hands, chant OMMMM in harmony, and send karma waves toward Cupertino asking Steve Jobs to announce that Apple has gone green to the core, and won't be generating anymore poisoned e-waste.

Ever the busy bees, Zeina here in Amsterdam and her Toxoid team had a thought that maybe Apple could use a handy schematic of just what the company needs to do to leap out of last place in our Electronics Ranking and rocket into that superhero zone that they're so comfortable in: the lead.

So here it is, Apple, the recipe for a perfect 10 out of 10. The Think Different ticket to environmental sainthood.

And for the rest of us, after we've finished chanting, let's write to Steve to ask him to do the right thing, hug our macs, and create some kick-ass content between now and May 10th to let the Apple Board of Directors know WE LOVE OUR MACS, WE JUST WISH THEY CAME IN GREEN!