Nuclear energy, that's what is crazier.

This video is two days old - which in Internet speak would normally put it past its expiration date already - but it made my jaw drop, and then put a giant smile on my face. Because it just looks amazing.

In case you're wondering: the banner stayed up from the moment it was dropped (20 minutes into the game) till the very end of the game. This game was the finals for the Coppa Italia - the Italian Cup - between Palermo and the Internazionale Milan.

The nuclear campaign in Italy is going a bit crazy - while some activists drop one of the biggest banners I've ever seen in football stadiums, others lock themselves in a bunker to simulate what would happen in case of a nuclear disaster.

But that is not anywhere near the level of craziness you'd need to reach to build nuclear power plants in a country at risk from earthquakes. Nuclear energy is dangerous, period.

If you're in Italy, make the right choice in the coming referendum. If you're elsewhere, just share this amazing video with your friends. If they're anything like me, they'll appreciate it.